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As so many experts will tell you, when it comes to search engine ranking, content is king. To achieve and keep top search rankings, posting fresh and relevant content on your site and the internet via blogs, press releases, and social media is essential. It is just important that search optimized text is user-friendly and has something to say. While it is often difficult to use various search terms in content and have it make sense, it is even harder to use it in ways that are eloquent and have flair. This is a specialty of ours. This is what sets us apart from run-of-the-mill content writers.

At Every Turn, we specialize in the creation of high-value content for a unique and thorough marketing approach. The content we write for your site is optimized for search engines. It is written to attract the attention of Google and other search sites; as well as being interesting and informative to potential clients, so your business can enjoy the results of top rankings.

One of the best practices  is making sure that relevant, unique optimized content frequently updated  on your website. Search engines are always trying to find fresh, relevant content. This is why we focus on posting new content on your site several times per month. Research has shown that search engines track a site more often and rank it higher than others when new content is posted on it.

Search Engine Optimized Blogs

In recent years, blogs have become wildly popular online. At Every Turn, we use blogs to your site's advantage. We usually choose a free blog software such as Wordpress© or can utilize other services depending on your needs.

In search engine optimization, there are two types of relevant traffic: human and search engine crawlers. Our blogs focus on attracting search engine crawlers and providing interest to your potential clients. This helps your site attain maximum exposure to Google, Yahoo, etc.

At Every Turn, we write several pieces of content per blog for your site each month. Similar in content that we create for articles on your web pages, it is unique, highly optimized content to maximize optimization.

Press Releases

In addition to our Blogging Services, at Every Turn, we incorporate Press Release Strategies for by non-biased sources like industry publications, magazines, newspapers and other Associated Press affiliates.

This type of sought after attention is achieved through the writing of thoroughly researched, well-written press releases. Press releases are an excellent way to advance company news and direct quality traffic to your site, and they also enhance search engine optimization and help boost search engine rankings. At Every Turn, we have a qualified team of professional writers who have experience in creating content targeting specific communication channels.

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